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My name is Aubrey Gibson, and I am technically a junior even though this is my first year of college. My current major is Electrical Engineering, but I am in the process of switching it to a double major in Chemistry and Philosophy. I plan on becoming a lawyer someday, and since I do not want to specialize in Patent Law, I see no reason to have an Engineering Degree. Philosophy would significantly help me for law school, especially as I plan on having a concentration in Logic, Representation, and Reasoning. Since Chemistry was always my favorite science class, I decided to major in that as well so that I may have a background in science to make me stand out more when applying to law schools.

My favorite break from school has always been Thanksgiving break. Even though it is one of the shorter breaks, I always find that I enjoy this one the most. First of all, I get to enjoy everyone from my dad's side of the family coming down to my home in Greensboro for Thanksgiving day. All my Aunts, Uncles, and relatives get together to cook the meal. I get to enjoy the company of my cousins for the weekend, whom I rarely see outside of this holiday and our yearly summer trip. Plus, the great food always make the holiday even more wonderful. The parade on Thanksgiving morning is also something I really love to watch. This holiday is one that always puts me in a festive spirit.

My favorite website!

How to make the best sandwich ever!

  1. Toast 2 Slices of Bread
  2. Grab 2-3 eggs
  3. Butter up a frying pan
  4. Crack open eggs into frying pan
  5. Scramble eggs in pan until they are done cooking
  6. Spread Mayo and a little mustard on both slices of toast
  7. Place eggs on toast
  8. Put pieces of toast together to make sandwich
  9. Cut in half for easier eating
  10. ENJOY!
FormulaCompound NameClass
CO2Carbon DioxideOxide
SiO2Silicon DioxideOxide

Thanksgiving Break Last Year!

Thanksgiving 2009

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