Welcome to Raleigh!

My name is Adam. My last name is Goodman. I am a freshman. I am currently an Engineering First Year Student. I am interested in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering. I enjoy wrking with computers and fixing them so I think Computer Science would be the best option for me.

This past spring break I went to Disney World with my graduating high school class. I had never been to Disney World before so it was fun experiencing it for the first time with friends. We stayed for a week in a very nice hotel. I stayed with Jonah, Zach and Ben, 3 friends who I have known for many years. It was a very fun trip.


  1. Pick up phone
  2. Call pizza place
  3. Order food
  4. Pay
  5. Get food

Class Expected Grade
Ch 101 A-
ENG 101 B +
PS 201 A +