Andrew D. Hayes


My name is Andrew Hayes, and I am currently a student at NC State University majoring in Computer Science. On this page, you can find examples of some of the projects I have completed for various classes. I can be contacted at

CSC 461 - Computer Graphics

This course covered multiple methods of rendering 3D graphics and the use of the WebGL API.

Ray Casting

In this project, I used ray casting to display a 3D image.


In this project, I used rasterization to display a 3D image.


This assignment was to recreate the game Missile Command with 3D graphics using WebGL. I put a bit of my own spin on it. Click on the screen to fire a missile, and prevent the enemies from destroying your buildings!

CSC 481 - Game Engine Foudations

In this course, I was on a team with two other students for the entire semester. We created a game engine which we used to make several different games. Each game below uses the same engine.


The first, and simplest, game. Click and drag elements to combine them into other elements. There are a total of 12 elements available, but only 4 are available from the start.


This game is simply a recreation of the game Snake. Eat pizzas to grow your snake.

Cactus Collider

Match 3 or more tokens with the same symbol to get points. Don't let the tokens reach the bottom of the screen!

Multiplayer Snake

This is an updated version of the Snake game. It is designed for two players sharing a keyboard. The cactus snake uses the arrow keys, and the fire snake uses WASD.

'Flops and Robbies

This is a 'Cops and Robbers' game in which one type of character tries to pursue the other. The main point of this project was the implementation of pathfinding AI, which I will admit was done by one of my teammates, not myself..