Welcome To My Webpage!

Hi! My name is Alec Landry and I am a freshman here at NC State University. I am currently in the First Year Engineering program at NC State and intend to study either electrical or mechanical engineering in the coming years at NC State. I am considering mechanical engineering because I really enjoy physics and know that there is a lot of physics associated with mechanical engineering. I am considering electrical engineering because I have enjoyed working with circuits in the past and think it would be an interesting area to study.

My favorite hobby is playing my guitar. I have been playing guitar for nearly 10 years now and plan on playing for decades longer. I started playing when I was 10 and since then have played for numerous bands and in front of thousands of people. I have played many different styles including country, rock, blues, and acoustic and own 6 guitars. Most of the music I play now is Contemporary Christian Music and I am looking forward to finding a church to play at in the Raleigh area.

I would also like to say that dogs are awesome. Dogs are super loyal and will always be by your side. I would much rather have a dog over a cat any day of the week. They are so much fun to play with and are so energetic. So basically, dogs are literally the best and will always be awesome.

Cam Ward

How To Make an Alec Special

  1. Put down a piece of bread
  2. Put a couple pieces of turkey on the break
  3. Put a piece of cheese on top of the turkey
  4. Put another piece of bread on top of the cheese
  5. EAT!

Class Anticipated Grade
E115 S
MA 141 A
CH 101 A

Lincoln Brewster playing