My name is Alex Nguyen. I am a freshman at NC State University. I plan to major in aerospace engineering because I have always had an interest in planes. My uncle is also an aerospace engineer and is a big influence on my decision. He has helped me by allowing me to take on an internship at his place of business for two years.

My favorite breaks from school have been my winter breaks. These are when we get ready for christmas. I love the feeling of decorating and the holiday spirit. These are the times when families come closest together it seems. The best winter breaks are when it snows. One year it snowed so much, my cousin and I built trenches out of snow.

Ordering a Pizza
  1. Choose a pizza place
  2. Decide what kind of pizza you want
  3. Find the phone number
  4. Call the pizza place and order the pizza
  5. Decide whether it is deliver or pick up
  6. Receive pizza
  7. Enjoy putting away the pizza
CH 101 CH 102 MA 141 ENG 101 USP 101 E 115 PE 101
Grades B- A+ A A S S A+
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