Welcome to Adam's Homework 6!

Adam Roney, Freshman, and Industrial Engineering
I primary chose Industrial Engineering becasuse it seems as if it fits the way my mind works. I am a very systematic person. I like everything to have an order. I make lists of everything I am to do each day and I put them in order of what will optimize time usage. I also do not want to sit at a desk all day. I want to one day be a plant manager and work with the companies we sell our products to.

Swimming has always been my passion and one of my greatest hobbies. However, that is something i no longer do. My new hobby is weight lifting. I enjoy learning the science behind how and why muscles grow. This hobby has evolved from my swimming career however, i can no longer swim like i used to, but i have continued to lift weights. I enjoy watching the progress of my body and my ability to lift more weight.

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  1. Spread Pizza Dough
  2. Spread a little pizza sauce
  3. Drown in different cheeses
  4. Cook till crispy

Course Name Expected Grade
MA141 A
CH101 B
E115 S