Greetings all! This is my website. I hope you enjoy it!

My name is August and I am a freshman in the College of Engineering. I want to major in aerospace engineering or nuclear engineering. I want to do aerospace engineering because I want to fly fixed-wing aircraft in the Navy. I want to do nuclear engineering because my backup to being able to fly is to be on submarines.

I used to cater weddings when I was in high school. I really enjoyed my job because I was able to help people to have a night they would always remember. I was also in charge of setting up and taking down all the decorations. Some days we would work up to 18 hours in a day in order to set up and take everything down. It was a very hard job, but I enjoyed it.

  1. Calculus I
  2. REL 311
  3. Naval Science 110
  4. Chemistry 111

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