Anthony Shriner's web page of mediocrity

I am a Mechanical Engineering sophomore/junior at North Carolina State University.
I have accomplished all that I wanted in my previous career and wanted a future filled
with challenges and unlimited opportunities. Primarily my interests lie in structural
composites, in both transportation and robotics. I believe that for increased efficiency
in our future endeavours we will require improved structural components that can handle
lifestyles. Also the need for lightweight components for environments that would be
detrimental for biologicals and for current materials need to be created to handle varying
emergency applications.

When I am not in school ( or employed) I enjoy spending time outside. I am an avid bicyclist
as well as backpacker. I enjoy a forms of riding environments; from commuting within cities,
to long distance road cycling on the county highways, and single-track trail riding through
the forests. I have enjoyed hiking in Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyons and look forward to
back-country camping in these National Parks. I also plan on through hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Triangle MTB

Click here to see a copy of my resume.

How I make pizza

  1. Make dough in bread maker
  2. Dice up vegetables and prepare meat products
  3. Grate fresh mozzarella
  4. Roll out dough onto pizza stone
  5. Layer vegetables and meat onto dough
  6. Cover generously with cheese
  7. Bake until a deep golden brown
Course Grade
E115 S
CSC113 A
MAE301 B

Grand Canyon camp site