Welcome to the Austin Turnmire Page

Picture of Me

College Information

I am a Mechanical Engineering Student at North Carolina State University. Im not sure how this little
amount of info is supposed to take up a paragraph but im gonna throw in this extra sentence to fill up room.
I entend to graduate by 2019. I am currently challenging that date by making bad grades on physics test.
I dont like electricity.

Why Mechanical Engineering

I chose to go into Mechanical Engineering because I didnt get into Aerospace :-) I like engineering in
general because it gives me the skills I would need to go about making almost anything I could dream and have
enough money to make. I like to make things. Most of my hobbies are hands on skills that make things. I make things.
With my degree in engineering I set out to get a job. Hopefully one for a business that pays me money. I guess
you could say im undecided. I want money and a job that I dont dislike too much.

Neato Skills

Class Course Title Semester
MA 341 Appl. Diff Eq. 2017 Spring
MAE 201 Eng. Thermodynamics 2017 Spring
MAE 208 Dynamics 2017 Spring
MAE 214 Solid Mechanics 2017 Spring
MAE 305 Mech Eng. Lab 2017 Spring