My name is Adam Wallace, and I'm a chemical engineering major at NC State class of 2011. I've decided on engineering because I enjoy problem solving and math and science. I specifically chose chemical engineering because I'm good at chemistry and I think it is one of the more interesting sciences. I really want to get into the energy industry and solve these problems that everyone is panicing about. Not to mention, I hear they make pretty good money.

Every year for Halloween a big festival happens on Franklin Street in downtown Raleigh. All sorts of stuff happens, lots of drinking and carrying on and such. I think NC State could throw its own Halloween festival right in the Brickyard. Theres more than enough room for people and all sorts of games and rides and shops.

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  1. NC State
  2. Western Carolina
  3. Appalachian
  4. Ohio State
  5. Michigan State
Class Expected Grade
Chemistry101 A
Calculus141 B
Psychology200 A
E101 A
E115 S
ChemLab102 A+