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I am Azlyn Arnett, a freshman in Paper Science. The paper program is very small, because it is so specific, so each student gets attention. They have 100% job placement and a lot of chemistry, which is one of my favorite subjects. The pay in paper science is also good, a student may recieve a starting pay of over $60,000. I think this major will help me become successful and beneficial to society.
I love summer break, because then I have time to relax without worrying too much about homework or tests. In the summer, me and friends always find time to get together and do something fun. We often show each other music, so that there is never quiet. Music is always there in the summer. My house has a speaker system, since it used to be a bed and breakfast. We hook up our players to the speakers and blast our songs through the house. It makes it almost magical, to hear the sound in every room, following you. Some times we use it when playing hide and seek, so that when the music starts everywhere you know the seeker is looking.

The Doctor
Cool Free Games
Really Strange Fun Comics
  1. Roll out a dough circle. Squares are unacceptable.
  2. Pour on tomato paste. Garlic sauce is a substitute.
  3. Sprinkle some shredded cheese. The use of sliced cheese will result in smallpox.
  4. Put on toppings, such as mushrooms, olives, or ham. Turns out chicken tastes good too.
  5. Add more cheese.
  6. I highly doubt you are using enough cheese.
  7. Fine, your loss. just throw it in the oven. gently.

ClassExpected Grade
Calculus 2C+
Chemistry 101B+
English 101B

Music is Life