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My name is Addie Ballard, and this is my first year at NC State (although I technically have enough credits to be considered a sophmore). I am presently in the First-Year Engineering Program here, but I have to apply to a specific engineering major by the end of this semester. As of now, my top choice of major is Computer Science. Computers are very relevant in our society today, and having a degree in this field could open up a lot of opportunities. This major would also nicely complement a minor in Film Studies, which seems very interesting to me.

My favorite hobby has to be reading. The kinds of books I read the most are probably science fiction and dystopian novels. I don't really have much time to read my personal books during school anymore, but over the summer I take the time to read or reread quite a few good books. This is especially true when my family goes to the beach in June; I usually bring at least two books to read during this trip. Reading a book is like watching a movie, except you get to picture the characters and settings in your own way. This is probably why I enjoy reading so much.

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To whom it may concern, here is my résumé.

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Class Expected Grade
MA 242 A+
PY 205 B+
PY 206 A
ENG 266 A-
IPGE 295 A
E 115 S
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