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My name is Aitana Blevins and I am a freshman in Industrial Engineering. I chose this major because I'm interested in the optimization of machines in the workplace. This major is also very broad and can be applied to any company. The research in this engineering field are also very interesting and I would love the opportunity to work in a lab.

I've worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor for the past four years in Greensboro, North Carolina. I enjoy working around the pool and helping children learn how to swim. During my time in my job I've had the opportunity to become a leader and develop my teamwork skills.

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  1. MA141
  2. ECON201
  3. E101
  4. STS302H

Name of Club Link
Student Government https://orgs.ncsu.edu/student-govt/
Triathlon Club https://www.ncstatetri.com/