My name is Abby Carbone and I am a freshman in chemical engineering! I am extremely passionate about chemistry, and my major has a disappointing lack of actual chemistry, which is why I'm thinking of changing my major. I'm thinking of changing to either material science engineering or straight chemistry. This is because both of those majors are very chemistry intensive and I would enjoy being able to manipulate chemicals in unknown ways. But, I'm staying in chemical engineering for a bit longer before I make my decision.

My favorite hobby is singing. I was fortunate enough to be chosen for one of the acappella groups here on campus, Acappology. We know seven songs so far plus choreography, and we're in the process of learning five more. Our concert is November 21st, but we've had scattered gigs throughout the season. I'm hoping that I can be given a solo in one of the pieces we're starting tomorrow!

My Favorite Class
My Resume!
  1. Get the pizza dough
  2. Add bacon
  3. Get fire breathing dragon to heat the pizza
  4. Be sad because your pizza was probably burnt by the dragon
  5. Order take out
Class Expected Grade
Chemistry A-
E115 S
Public Speaking A
Acappella family photo