About Ayla Gwizdak Part 2

My name is Ayla Gwizdak and I am a freshman. My intended major is computer science. I chose computer science because I have been interested in coding since I was in 7th grade, when I started to teach myself how to code HTML and CSS (which makes this part of the class pretty easy since I've been doing this for a while).

The last job I had was being a cashier at Harris Teeter my junior and senior year in high school. It was an interesting job; I met a lot of interesting people. I got to work with some awesome people, like my boyfriend at the time (who I met there actually) and also my current roomate. It was an okay job for a first job, but I wouldn't recommend working in retail to anyone unless you have no other option.

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  1. Japanese 101
  2. AP Music Theory
  3. Javascript
  4. AP Calculus
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