Welcome All!

My name is Ashley Hicks and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. My number one choice for major is Aerospace Engineering. I have been fascinated by space since I was little and I would love to have the opportunity to engineer something to fly in space.

Currently my favorite hobby is spending time with my friends. It is difficult to make myself take the time to study when I know that I could be doing something much more fun with my friends. Now that I live basically alone, having friends and spending time with them is more important than ever before, at least for me.

My favorite website!
My second favorite website: CNN

How to order my favorite sandwich:

  1. Get to Subway in some manner
  2. Walk inside
  3. Ask for a six inch piece of wheat bread
  4. Ask for ham, turkey, and pepperoni
  5. When asked if you want it toasted, respond with, "Yes, please."
  6. After it comes out of the toaster, ask for pickles
  7. Ask for more pickles
  8. When asked what kind of cheese you want, respond with, "None."
  9. Wait with baited breath as they close the sandwich and roll it up
  10. Transport said sandwich to your prefered eating location
  11. Unroll said sandwich
  12. Enjoy

My Class Schedule

Class Name Expected Grade
E 115 S
CH 101 B
CH 102 A
PHI 205 B