Hello! My name is Anna Jahns. I am a freshman here at NC State. I am currently planning on majoring in Engineering; however, I am undecided on which type of engineering I would like to CODA into. My top 3 choices right now are computer/electrical, civil, and Mechanical.

My favorite hobby is swimming. It started as just swim lessons when I was younger but slowly grew into something I am very passionate about. I currently compete for the NC State Wolfpack as a member of the varsity team. I enjoy the fitness and competitive aspects of the sport, but I more enjoy the sense of camaraderie I feel when I train and compete with some of the closest friends I will ever have.

A link to my favorite swimming news website:)

swim swam logo resume
  1. Buy pineapple, ham, cheese, pizza sauce and pizza dough
  2. let dough thaw on counter for a bit
  3. flatten dough out until it looks like a pizza, then put sauce, cheese and ingredients on top
  4. put in the oven at temperature and time instructed on pizza dough packaging
  5. enjoy your pizza
Class name expected grade
E101 USC 103 Chem 101 MA 241 E115 ARE 201 Chem 102
A+ A+ A A S A A+
swimming selfie