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Major, Univeristy, Graduation Date

My intended major is Computer Science. I have sent in a CODA request so I should find out about that soon. I am a transfer new to North Carolina State Univeristy and my graduation date is most likely in December of 2018 when classes conclude and grades are in.

Why Computer Science?

I have an Associates Degree in Information Technology and I am currently active duty military. My job is directly related to Computer Science and encompasses many technical fields that this degree will cover. My hope is to become better at my job and expand my knowledge in both my field of work and to become more knowledgeable in general. Once my degree is finished, I will go to my next job in the military with much more than I started with!

Here is a list of skills and qualities I have that work great with my degree
Relavant Course Work that I Plan to Take
Class Course Title Semester
CSC 116 Intro Comp - Java Fall 2016
CSC 216 Programming Concepts - Java Spring 2017
CSC 226 Discrete Math Spring 2017
CSC 230 C/Software Tools Summer I 2017
CSC 316 Data Structures CSC Summer I 2017