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My name is Amanda McBryde. I am a first year student at North Carolina State University with sophmore standing. I am majoring in aerospace engineering. I chose this major because I have always had a fascination with space and want to do my part in furthering exploration. I've always been good with my hands and at solving puzzles, so I chose engineering.

My dream job is that of a guidance, navigation, and control engineer with SpaceX. These engineers work on the Falcon and Falcon Heavy launch vehicle missions. Falcon is the first orbital class rocket capable of reflight. Falcon Heavy was designed to carry humans into space. The GNC engineers perform trajectory design, optimization, and dispersion analysis, implement new software and algorithms, and more.

My Favorite Classes

  1. E115: Introduction to Computing Environments
  2. PY205: Physics for Engineers and Scientists 1
  3. MAE250: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
  4. MAE467: Introduction to Space Flight
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