Welcome! This site will give some basic information about me.

My name is Ally Schueneman. I am currently a Freshman at North Carolina State University. Although I am certain that I would like to pursue a degree in engineering, I am unsure as to what specific type I am interested in. In looking at the variety of engineering majors offered here, I have narrowed down my top three choices to Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. I am most interested in industrial engineering, because I have always enjoyed finding ways to improve the way that things flow. This degree would allow me to design, analyze, and improve production and other systems - including systems involving humans, machines, and other processes. In pursuit of this degree, I would take courses involving statistics and probability, both of which I have enjoyed studying in previous years.

One of my favorite hobbies includes sports; not only do I love watching sports, but I also like to play sports. Starting from the time I was five, I played basketball and softball every season. Along the way, I tried out other sports as well - including soccer, cheerleading, bowling, and a few others. I continued playing through middle and high school, predominantly playing forward/post in basketball and first base in softball. Although I am no longer part of a basketball or softball team, I have continued to play basketball in college, going to Carmichael Gym and shooting around on the courts. I have also always enjoyed watching baseball, basketball, football, softball, racing, and most other sports - not golf - at professional and college levels on television.

This image depicts the instagram logo. Let the procrastination begin!!
  1. Get out two pieces of bread and a slice of cheese.
  2. Put a slice of butter into a hot pan.
  3. Place the cheese in between the pieces of bread.
  4. Put the sandwich into the pan.
  5. Flip occasionally until both sides are a crispy golden brown.
  6. Enjoy an amazing grilled cheese sandwich.
Course Name Expected Grade
E 101: Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving A
E 115: Introduction to Computing Environments S
EC 201: Principles of Microeconomics A
HESS 243: Bowling A
MA 242: Calculus III B
PY 205: Physics for Engineers and Scientists I B
This is a picture of PNC Arena prior to a basketball game.