Welcome to Homework 6

My name is Andrew Smith. I am a freshman at NC State. I would like to double major in mechanical and electrical engineering. Growing up, I always had an innate desire to know how things worked. I was also blessed with a mind that functions very mathematically. My dad is a mechanical engineer, so I have always wanted to do work similar to his. Upon my arrival at NC State, I realized that electrical engineering was a great fit as well, since the description of math and logical reasoning fit how I had functioned my whole life up until this point.

My favorite hobby has been basketball since the second grade. I have played basketball (not always successfully due to a great lack of athleticism) dating back to that time. The highlight of my basketball life was shooting 100% from the freethrow line in my varsity career. I no longer play competitively, but still love to play pickup basketball. When I am not playing, I still enjoy watching and researching all of my favorite teams and players such as NC State and TJ Warren of the Phoenix Suns.

GoPack Hire Me
  1. Go to Pizza Madness
  2. Decide on number of pizzas for consumption
  3. Fight family members to decide toppings
  4. Order pizza
  5. Hungrily await
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
E101 A
MA 242 A