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Amy Sroka


Currently a freshman at North Carolina State University, I intend to graduate in May 2020, with a major in Biomedical Engineering, and a minor in Spanish.

Future Plans

With my degree in Biomedical Engineering, I plan to attend Medical School, and become a doctor, perhaps with a specialty in pediatrics.I chose Biomedical Engineering as my undergraduate major to increase my likelihood of being accepted at a highly regarded Medical School and, even further into the future, get into a good residency program and fellowship. With the background of an engineer, I will also have a myriad of job options for me after I graduate from NC State, so if I decide against Medical School, I will have other practical options as well.

Special Skills

Class Course Title Semester
CH 101 Chemistry Fall 2016
BME 301 Human Physiology for Engineers I Fall 2018
BME 352 Engineering Design II Spring 2019
BME 204 Biomedical Measurements Fall 2017
MAE 201 Thermodynamics I Fall 2019