Presents are not mandatory, your presence is! You are spending enough money by coming all the way to Waynesville.

We are only providing this because our Moms made us (and in case you are in need of some ideas of things we might need.)

We are currently registered at Bed Bath and Beyond. Be sure to look for Andrea Thomson and Matt Sumrell in NC for May 25, 2008. There are 3 other Andrea Thomson's registered!
B3 logo

Sears under Matt Sumrell and Andrea Thomson for May 25, 2008.
sears logo

V. Sattui winery does not have a registry but we sure do like their wine.
red wine bottle and glass

The Cats would like a new litter box. They are snobs and would like this "Litter Robot" in beige.
a black and a white round litter box

Ikea has some square plates we like but they do not have a registry either. They are part of the 365+ series. We like the beige and the light blue for our everyday dinnerware. We have tested this product out and it seems of good quality and not made in China!
square beige platesquare light blue plate

Stay tuned for more ideas.