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My name is Amy Williams and I am a freshmen who will hopefully be in the graduation class of 2017.I am interested in Biomed. engineering or bimolecular Engineering. However, it should be known that Bimolecular engineering is a concentration under chem Engineering. More importantly, My Grandma is an engineer so she is my real inspiration for engineering. She is my world.

My favourite brake will be winter brake. On winter brake I will get to go home and have the best Christmas cookies in the world! Of course, these cookies were made from none other than my Grandma. If I am lucky for Christmas I will get a woollen sweater knitted by my Granny. I only have six sweaters so far. Hopefully this year she will give me a seventh so I can wear one every day of the week.

Christmas wish list my facebook statuses best website ever

How to Make Pizza

  1. Get Your Grandma
  2. Lead her to the Kitchen
  3. Grab Chair
  4. Watch Grandma roll Dough
  5. Watch Grandma make sauce
  6. Watch Grandam put on sauce and toppings
  7. Watch Grandma put pizza in oven
  8. Set Timer
  9. Waite
  10. Tell Grandma to get pizza from oven
  11. Eat Pizza
  12. Hug Grandma
  13. cookies
    Class Expected Grade Grandma would Want
    Chem A
    MA 141 B
    English A