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Hello my name is Aidan Faino and I am a senior of Wake STEM Early Collge Highschool on Centennial Campus I have been pretty interested in space since I was very little and am still interested in pursuing a major in a related field. I am currently considering a major in either aerospace or textiles which are important aspects of space travel.

I am in highschool and still have not gotten a job, though I am trying to get one at a local Food Lion. Even though I don't have a paying job I still have responsibilities in other areas, mainly as media lead on my schools robotics team. As media lead it is my job to help design team paraphernalia such as t-shirts, promotional videos, logos, flags, pamphlets, etc.

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  1. Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  2. French 101
  3. Sociology 256
  4. Engineering 115

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