Hello there :) Abdulrahman Alfaisal's Page


My name is Abdulrahman Alfaisal. I'm a freshman. My major until now is Mechanical Engineering but I'm thinking of Industrial Engineering. I think Industrial Engineering is appropriate for me because it is a mixture of business and engineering which I look for.

My favourite hobby is playing soccer. I play weekly with my friends. I like soccer because it is the most popular game in the world "but not in the US."


NCSU Logo résumé.

Steps to Make Cheese Sandwich:

  1. Buy White toast and American cheese.
  2. Take two toast breads.
  3. Put to slices of cheese inside the two breads.
  4. Put the sandwich inside the microwave for 20 seconds.
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 241 A+
EC 205 A+
SSC 181 A+