A Little Bit About Me Andys Domain

My name is Andy Franks, and I am a sophomore at UNCW. My major is Mechanical Engineering and I plan on transferring to NCSU for the Fall '15 semester. I chose my major based on my interest in creating new machinery. My formal training started at a young age with Legos and Lincoln Logs. My progression led to Knex and model airplanes. Since my original dream of becoming a pilot was crushed(poor eyesight), I figured I could at least work on the aircraft itself.

My favorite hobby is skydiving due to the adrenaline and physics involved. There are many factors that are required to have a safe jump but the reward is a feeling of fear, excitement, and liberation all rolled into one. My affinity for jumping began in the military, however the military has a tendency to take fun things and make them "unfun", i.e. equipment, night, etc; yet exciting nonetheless. The drawbacks to my hobby are of course, sever injury and/or death and being detrimental to my wallet. Having to balance my priorities, my hobby has been placed on the backburner for quite some time.
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Steps to make an awesome sandwich
  1. toast bread
  2. slice meat,cheese and tomato
  3. cut open avocado
  4. apply avocado, mustard to bread
  5. place meat, tomato and cheese and dig in

  6. Course Grade
    Calc 3 A
    Statics A
    E115 S