Welcome to My E115 Homepage

My name is Ashish Amin and I am currently a student at NC State University. I am officially a sophomore, but I am only in my second semester of college and plan to graduate in 2018. I am leaning toward a CODA in Mechanical Engineering because I like physics and would like to learn more about the science of combustion engines and jet engines. If I do not enter Mechanical Engineering, then I will most likely go with industrial, electrical, or computer engineering.

My hobbies include testing new cars, videogames, learning about new technology, soccer, basketball, running, weight lifting, hanging out with friends and family. But of all my hobbies that I can do alone, video games has to be my favorite. I like to play super smash bros with my friends in the dorm as well as FIFA, NBA 2k, Halo, and Call of Duty. I sometimes like to play GTA5 and real time strategy games on the computer with my friends. Additionally, I can not wait to get a PS4 and start playing some new titles.

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  1. Toast Bread
  2. Apply Peanut Butter and Jelly
  3. Cut Sandwich diagonally
  4. Pour Glass of Milk
Course Name Grade
E 115 S
MA 242 A+
EC 205 A+
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