Aedan Garcia

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Intended Major, etc.

My intended major is Computer Science. As it stands, I intend to remain with NCSU after I'm done with my early college program. This would put my anticipated graduation date at spring of 2021 or fall 2022.

Why Computer Science?

I want to go into Computer Science because I discovered in my freshman year of high school that I have a peculiar knack for programming. We were required to take a programming class, and I thought it was easy enough that I finished it in half of the time we were intended to. Between being good at it and enjoying it, I figured going into a major that would allow me to program for a living (precisely what I want to do) would be a good idea.

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus 1 MA 141 Fall 2016
Introduction to Computing Environments E 115 Fall 2016
Calculus 2 MA 241 Spring 2017
Introduction to Computing - Java CSC 116 Spring 2017
Calculus 3 MA 242 Fall 2017