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My name is Austin Bordeaux. I am a first year engineering student and I wish to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. I choose this becuase I find how the world physicaly work fascinating and I want to leanr how it works. I want to apply what I learn here in a carre of desgining and cunstructing robot frames. I choose the majot because I beleive it will help me acheive those goals

One of my favrite hobbies is CADing. The progam I use is called Solidworks. The big reason I use Solidworks is because it is the industry standered for 3D modleing mechnical part. I beleive by having htis skill I will be more competitive in the work place and I will be able to get the kind of job I want. I have alrady attained the CSWA and am workin gon the CSWP.

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Class Expected Grade
Calc 1 A+
E 101 A
Wellness and Fitnness Pass
E 115 S
Acidimac Writing B-

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