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About Me

My name is Alex Carter, and I am a student at North Carolina State University. I was born and raised in Kinston, which is only an hour and a half drive from Raleigh. As a child I discovered a passion for computers and electronics, which lead me here, NC State. As a student, I aim to receive a double major in electrical and computer engineering while also earning a minor in computer programming. After I complete my undergraduate degrees in May 2020, I intend to continue my education and work towards a MS in computer science with an emphasis on security or networking.


Currently I have no job, but I do have several dream jobs in mind. However, my main dream job is to work for NASA, developing groundbreaking networking and security software. My interest in NASA was spurred by a NASA program that I was involved in called NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars. This program allowed me the opportunity to visit Langely Research Center in Virginia and meet many other like-minded students and NASA engineers! This trip created a will in me to work towards a dream job at NASA, no matter what it takes.
Gold Team @ NCAS
The above image is my team with our two mentors, Mr. RJ Bodkin (left) and Mr. Shawn Britton (right). In the back center is Mr. Clayton Turner, Deputy Director of LaRC.


Interesting Classes

  1. Communication Engineering
  2. Computer Networking
  3. Internetworking
  4. Cryptography
  5. Linear Algebra

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SolarPack Site
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