Welcome to Allie's Webpage: a space dedicated to documenting the idiosyncrasies, hopes, dreams, and mundane exploits of Allie Dinwiddie, college freshman.

As you may have guessed by the title of this webpage and the subsequent welcome message, my name is Allie. If you really want to know, my full name is Alexandra Grace Dinwiddie, but please just call me Allie. I am a freshman (Class of 2018, baby!) here at NC State and an intended environmental engineer. I chose to go into environmental engineering because I am really passionate about respecting nature and hope to be involved with future sustainability initiatives in industry. Environmental engineering is the major that allows me to blend my love for the outdoors with my passion to improve the way humans interact with nature. What I love most about this major is that it will allow me to make a difference in the world!

Now, in order for you to get to know me better, I'm going use the next couple of sentences to discuss my favorite hobby: reading. One of the first things you would find out about me if you actually knew me in real life, is that I absolutely love to read. To me, there is nothing better than being totally immersed in a good book. Reading allows me to escape reality for a little bit and just live through someone else's experiences, real or fictional. Sometimes life gets hard, but no matter what, reading always puts me in a better mood and enables me to forget my troubles.

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How to Make My Favorite Sandwich: The BLT

  1. Toast two slices of wheat bread.
  2. Spread a little mayonnaise on each slice.
  3. Place 3 pieces of bacon on top of one slice.
  4. Place 2 very thin slices of tomato on top of the bacon.
  5. Cover the tomato with a leaf of lettuce.
  6. Finish the sandwich by topping it off with the last slice of toasted wheat bread.
  7. Viola! You now have a fantastic sandwich to enjoy.
Classes Spring 2015 Expected Grade
Social Dance (HESD 240) S (Satisfactory)
Calculus III (MA 242) A
Physics Mechanics (PY 205) B+
Photo of open books in fornt of a bookshelf