Alexander's College Life

Hi there my name is Alexander Janni and I am a current freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently pursuing a mechanical engineering major. I have choosen this major because I am extremely interested in designing and creating parts and devices. This interest to me is most in line with what mechanical engineering does and focuses on. Also, I want to pursue a job in sustainability and out of athe 18 engineering majors that state offers I believe mechanical engineering to be the most versatile and able for my career.

My favorite hobby is to play video games with friends. I find it extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Its always fun to play online with my friends and just mess around or play competitively. I also get really excited when knew comes out and get to play it for the first time. For instance, a new Star Wars Battlefront game is coming out and I am really excited for its release. Mostly because I played the original version when I was younger and everything about this game looks amazing. All around playing video games for me is a bonding experience with friends and a fun challenge in my free time.

  1. Drive to Mellow Mushroom
  2. Get a table
  3. Order a Kosmic Karma pizza - large
  4. Once it comes out continue to eat five or more slices
  5. Enjoy the ensuing food coma
  6. Class Expected Grade
    Calc III 242 B
    Chem 101 B+
    Chem 102 A+