NC State has always been my top choice school

My name is Austin McInnis. I am a freshman here at NC State. I am in the School of Engineering hoping to CODA into Mechanical engineering. I want to do Mechanical engineering because I have always enjoyed doing physics and math. I also think the versatility of Mechanical will allow me to work with anything I want in engineering. I also want to do Mechanical because I have always been interested in the mechanics of different objects since I was young.

My favorite hobby is playing pick up sports with friends. My favorite sport to play is basketball. I also enjoy ultimate frisbee. I like to play volleyball too. Flag football is fun as well. But basketball is my favorite for pick up sports.


This is a link to my resume.

  1. Log onto the Papa Johns website
  2. Pick the pizza called "The Works"
  3. Check out and pay using a debit card
  4. Pick up the pizza from the store

Class Expected Grade
MA 242 B
PY 208 A
E115 S

This is a picture that describes my favorite hobby. Sports Balls