Hello! My name is Andrew Goncharov

my pic


I am currently a first year in engineering at NC State.
I plan to major in Materials Science and Engineering with a concentration in nanotechnology.
My anticipated graduation date is in May of 2020.

I choose this major because I'm very passionate about cutting edge technology.
I'm also interested in biomimetics, which is growing at an explosive rate thanks to nanotechnology.
With this degree I plan to create the future.


Class Course Title Semester
MSE 300 Structure of Matls at Nanoscale Fall 2018
MSE 320 Intro Defects in Solids Fall 2018
MSE 380 Microstructure of Inorganic Matls Spring 2019
MSE 423 Intro to Matls Engr Design Fall 2019
MSE 470 Matl Sci & Engr Design Project Spring 2020