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My name is Amanda Osborne.
This is my E115 homework webpage.
I am a freshman at NC State University majoring in Engineering.
I have chosen engineering as my major because I love building and making things. The process of creation of items is very interesting and I try to learn as much as I can. I am currently undeclared in a specific engineering field, but I am considering Mechanical, Civic, or Environmental Engineering.
I would love for my engineering work to benefit others and make their lives easier as well as trying to keep the environment clean.

NC State Hillsborough St. vs. UNC Franklin St.

To better rival Franklin St.'s Halloween festivities, NC State should involve the local businesses in the local communities needs. They could offer specials on Halloween night and even free events. Also, if Hillsborough would like to attract more people, especially college students, they could offer live entertainment relating to Halloween as well as incentives for people coming. These incentives could include costume parties and candy prizes. Safety is also a concern Halloween night. If the city could provide officers to monitor the crowds and facilitate the needs of the guests on the street.

NC State

A great website!

Email me at: agosborn@ncsu.edu

E115 Homepage

My Top 5 Favorite College Football Teams
  1. NC State University
  2. Wake Forest University
  3. Appalachian State University
  4. University of Florida
  5. University of Georgia

ClassExpected Grade
Bowling S
Engineering 115 S
Calculus 141 A
Flag Football A
Chemistry 101 A
Chemistry 102 A
Engineering 101 A

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