Welcome to my page I am making of my own free will, by me, Abram Walker, first of his name, who sits upon an old tree



I am a first year engineering student at NCSU. I am planning on graduating in either May 2020 or May 2021, depending on whether or not I pursue a minor or participate in a coop. I am planning on majoring in environmental engineering, though my mind is not made up 100% yet.


I hope to use my degree to earn a career that is self fulfilling and low stress. I want to work on projects and engineer ways that will contribute to the environment in a positive way. Environmental engineering at the moment sounds like the best way for me to do that, though I am very open to other possibilities that may open up in the future.

My Special Skills

Class Course Title Semester
CH 201 Chemistry - A Quantitative Science Spring 2017
MA 241 Calculus II Spring 2017
PY 205 Physics for engineers and scientists I Spring 2017
PY 206 Physics for engineers and scientists I lab Spring 2017
MA 242 Calculus III Fall 2017