Abdullah Abu Alshuor

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I am an Electrical Engineering intend at North Carolina State University, and my anticipated graduate date is 2020

Why Electrical Engineering

Do you know the feelings that a 5 year old boy has when he is starting to open a new game which his parents bought it for him? How it feels when he starts unwrapping that game? That was the feeling that I had once my mother throws an old electronic device. I had a huge curiosity in electronic devices. I took my mother’s old devices and open them to see how they operate. Year after a year, I knew more about these devices and how they operate. I expanded my curiosity in electronic devices, and I took my old broken devices to see if I would be able to fix them or not. From that moment on, I decided that I have to major something in the future that is related to electronics, so after a number of research and questions that I gave to people, I felt that the wind will float me to be an electrical engineer.

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus I MA 141 Summer Start II 16
Calculus II MA 241 Fall 16
Physics I PY 205 Spring 17
Intro to Computer Systems ECE 109 Spring 17
Fund of Economics EC 205 Fall 16