Welcome! I am Afsana from North Carolina State University. Hope you will like my page. Thanks!

My name is Afsana Hoque Chowdhury. I am a sophomore. And my major is Electrical Engineering. Although my inspiration towards choosing engineering as my choice of career grew at an eatly age, it is by no means possible to isolate it within a selected few incidents. One of the most vivid memories of my childhood involves my inquisitive tendency to pull apart my toys to understand the mechanisms underneath. This intense curosity towards understanding the applications behind a small circuit driving instruments with such concrete purpose was a passion that fueled instinctively through the years.

My favourie hobby is to get involved in extra curricular activities. From an early age, I was always taught that excelling academically is never enough if I do not also invest hard work and time towards extra-curricular activities. As such, I have received training in classical dance, music and art from a young age, earning various certificates along the way as well. Recently, I have started learning contemporary dance and dubstep to. I am interersted to learn as many forms as I can. Moreover, I like to use new concepts in my dance, rather than dancing in typical ways.

Target Resume
  1. Go to Little Ceasers.
  2. Select topings.
  3. Select size.
  4. Place order.
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 242 A
FLE 101 A-
ECE 220 A
IPGE 295 A
E 115 S
E 201 A
My Projection Dance in BUET