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My name is Adam Le and I'm currently a freshman of the class of 2018 attending North Carolina State University. My intended major is Aerospace Engineering but currently I reside in the First Year College. The first reason I choose this major is because I have always leaned towards an engineering major. The background information on my second reason is I have travel to many different countries including Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, France, and South Korea. From that my second reason to design a craft that will commercial airspace travel much cheaper so others can experience other culture like I have.

A hobby of mine is indulging myself in and performing music. I enjoy many different genres of music dating back to classical music to modern day rap and alternative bands. I have actually attend the music festival Bonnaroo this past summer. On the performing portion I have play the cello for around 7 years. Also I occasionally play a concert ukulele to relax.

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  1. To craft Banh Mi you must first take a french bread loft and cut it hotdog style.
  2. Then you smear on butter and liver paste onto one side of inner loaf.
  3. After that you put your barbecued pork/beef and ham made from pig ears on the side with the paste.
  4. Finally you garnish it with fresh cilantro, pickled sliced carrots and daikon radish, and sliced cucumber.
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      Class Expected Grade
      PY208 B-
      MA241 A+
      COM110 A-