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My name is Anderson Norris, I am a freshman, and my major is Computer Science. I chose this major because I have always loved working with computers. I had preliminarily chosen the major my freshman year of high school. Upon taking a Java course my junior year, I knew this was my career. The ability to create something out of nothing is what drove my desire to pursue this major.

My favourite hobby is to play soccer. I have played the sport for my entire life, and have turned it into a lifestyle. Whether it be playing it outside, playing FIFA, or watching a game on tv, it has always been an integral part of my life. Soccer has been the main source of my growing up. It has allowed me to mature and become the person I am today.



  1. Grab two pieces of bread
  2. Put peanut butter on bread
  3. Put jelly on bread
  4. Touch breads together
Class Grade
MA141 B+
CH101 C
ENG101 C