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My name is Abby Starnes, I am a Freshman and I am majoring in Industrial Engineering. I chose to enter the field of engineering because I have always loved math, science, and problem solving. I thought engineering would challenge me to my full potential and express my inner creativity. In engineering I will learn skills that apply in many different aspects of life. Specifically, I chose Industrial Engineering because love analyzing situations and coming up with the best and most effective way to accomplish a task.

My favorite hobby is playing the clarinet. I have participated in band programs ever since I was in middle school. Currently, I am in NC State's Wind Ensemble and pep band. I also am a part of the marching band in the fall semester. Band has always been my second family. I love sharing my music with people and I love the emotional journey that music takes you through.

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  1. Buy pre-made cheese pizza from Sam's Club
  2. Add mushrooms
  3. Add bell peppers
  4. Put in oven
Class Grade
Calculus 2 B
Wind Ensemble A
Physics C