Welcome to the greatest university in the world.

Hello, my name is Austin Starnes. This is my first year at the greatest university in the world. I am a freshman, studying Paper Science and Engineering as well as a dual in Chemical Engineering. I chose this as my major because I enjoy mat and science as well as applying problem solving to situations that benefit society. This is a very difficult field to go into, there are many math and sciences one has to take to obtain these majors. But, I know it will be well worth it to get these degrees. The starting salary for PSE students is $70,000.

I enjoy watching Netflix. This is one way that I put off homework for later. Since I have been at NC State, I have seen the whole Breaking Bad series as well as the first two seasons of The League; this does not include the movies I have seen as well. This hobby is a popular one among college students. I think that this homework would have been done before now if it were not for Netflix.

Classes Expected Grade
Run Conditioning A-
Chemistry 101 B+
Pre-Calculus A-

Breaking Bad