Who is Lex?

I am a freshman, or first year if we are being politically correct. I plan to major in Environmental Sciences and then go to law school to study Environmental Law. One of my biggest career goals is to be totally passionate about what I do. During my senior year in high school, I took AP Environmental Science and completely fell in love with it, so I figured this would be a really good fit for me.

My favorite hobby is writing. Most people either really hate writing and reading, or are deeply in love with it. I'm one of those people that falls deeply in love with words. For me, writing is an escape. It's saying everything that you can't say out loud and that's beautiful.

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Clink on this link to view a short narrative written by yours truly.

How To Order the Best Pizza Ever:

  1. Call Wise Guys Pies in Grandy, NC
  2. Ask for a 24 inch pizza with ham and pineapple
  3. Don't forget to get garlic dipping sauce!!
  4. Drive to Grandy and thank Steve.

Class Expected Grade
CH101 B+
E101 A+
MA241 B+
Hon202 A

Here is a sample of the kind of writing I do in my spare time. Haunted House Poetry