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Hello, my name is Andrew Carroll and I am a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I decided to I wanted to be a Mechanical engineer for a couple of reasons. First, I was 'raised into it', my father is a HVAC mechanic and I used to work with him and its where my love for Mechanical Engineering started. Second, I competed in robotics in high school and again got hands on experience with the Mechanical Engineering, again just making me more passionate about it. Finally, I have a strong heart to serve, I want to make a big impact on the world by helping others, I always felt engineering was a job of servitude and it drove my passion for it.

While in high school I worked at Zaxby's (a fast-food restaurant). Within my first three months at the job I already had learned everything to run the store and was promoted to shift leader. As shift leader, I managed the back-of-house (kitchen, dishes, prep work, etc.). In short that meant I was in charge in of providing quality food in an effecient manner, moving workers as needed to the different back-of-house tasks. I think being a shift leader was great for me in high school cause it grew my leadership, customer service, and buisness/management skills.

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  1. CSC 113
  2. GC 120
  3. MAE 306
  4. MAE 416
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