Greetings, fellow Homo Sapiens!

My name is Andew Castellucci and I am a junior majoring in Computer Science. Ever since
I was a kid I loved video games, and to this day consider myself a Nintendo geek.
Eventually, my love for this spread to a general liking of computers and software
engineering. I enjoy the logic behind programming and the possibilities and freedom
to create a vast amount of different applications. Additionally, computer science
provides a handsome income and is useful throughout the world in various industries.

My favorite pastime for years has been playing videogames. Although I hardly consider
myself the traditional videogame-obsessed loser, I won't deny I love playing them. To
be more specific about my tastes, I enjoy anything related to Nintendo: Mario, Zelda,
Metroid, and Mega Man are all favorite series of mine. That being said, I'm certainly
not opposed to a little Halo or Army of Two for some fine, gritty multiplayer action.
One of my aspirations in life is to develop a fully-functional videogame for a major console.

“homestar” Click here to see my resume.

How to order pizza hut pizza:

  1. Google "Pizza Hut"
  2. Click on the Pizza Hut website
  3. Look up "Locations"
  4. Type in your Zip code number
  5. Call the one closest to you!
Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
PY 208 C
CSC 226 A