Welcome to my life!

Hi my name is Anna de Lyon. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently in the first year engineering program. I plan to CODA into possibly chemical engineering or paper science and engineering. I recently attended a workshop for paper science and it was very interesting. I plan to go an extra semester and do the dual degree program and get a degree in chemical engineering and paper science and engineering.

My favorite hobby is playing tennis. I began taking tennis lessons my freshman year of high school. When I moved to North Carolina my sophomore year I tried out for the tennis team and I made it. My junior and senior year I was the number one seed and it was so fun. I played in a competitive league over the summer and continued to take lessons. I now play for fun with friends and try to play as much as possible. My roommate plays tennis so we go out and play occasionally.

netflix Listen to music!

How to order my favorite sandwich

  1. Choose Italian Bread
  2. Choose pepperoni and salami
  3. Choose American cheese
  4. Add black olives and lettuce
Class Grade
MA 242 A-
Chem 101 B
EC 205 A+