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My name is Andrew Fiest; I am a sophmore here at NCSU. My major is Chemistry, but I am interested in changing it to chemical engineering. I have thought about possibly adopting chemical engineering as a second major. I originally took an interest in chemistry because I enjoyed my classes in high school. I still enjoy chemistry, but I am finding myself more interested in its applications rather than conducting research on it.

My favorite hoby is soccer. I've played soccer all of my life until, but when I left for school I stopped playing in organized leagues. I had the opportunity to play at some smaller colleges, but I decided academics were more important to me than continuing to play. However, I still reff games when I have time and am still able to find a lot of enjoyment in that. This season marks my sixth year as a soccer official.

  1. prepare pizza dough
  2. spread dough
  3. spread olive oil and sauce (olive oil first)
  4. grate cheese and put it on top of the pizza
  5. gather toppings of choice and add to pizza
  6. add more cheese to the pizza
  7. bake at 450 degrees F for 12 minutes

Class Expected Grade
MA341 B
CH227 B
CHE205 A
PY208 B