Aaron Fleming's Super-Dee-Duper Page

My name is Aaron Fleming and I am in the college of engineering and I am a freshman. I chose engineering simply because I enjoy math. In my spare time you can often find me taking derivatives of the average rate at which birds eat pepto-bismal. I enjoy long walks on the beach and the color blue.

For Halloween I dressed up as a whoopi cusion and much to my surprise I was quite popular, especially considering I eat my lunch in the bathroom becuase the cool kids shutter at my very sight. But, as I was saying, the whoopi cusion was a hit although I received many inappropriate butt jokes which I will not dare to render. That was my wonderful Halloween experience, and now it is yours to share with little boys and girls alike.

My Favorite Football Teams

My Most Cherished Self-portrait

It’s a picture of me!

My Most Favorite Sites in the Enitre World


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In case you wish to contact me to speak with me and potentially become my significant other here is my email address.