All About Arthur

My name is Arthur Goins. I am a Freshman at NCSU. I am planning to get a double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have always loved computers and electronics. You can do almost anything with them.

I am an Engineer. As an Engineer, my favorite hobby is building things. Specifically, I enjoy building and working on computers. I built my own PC. It cost a total of $800 and it has dual monitors.

Most people are aware that there is a large rivalry between cats and dogs. Personally, I am on the side of dogs. Though I might be partial to dogs because I own two of them, I think that they make better companions. Cats are not as social as dogs. Dogs see you as their master while cats see you as a creature who is unable to hunt.

How to get a Burger

  1. Emotionally prepare for the experience ahead
  2. Get in a car or other vehicle
  3. Drive to Five Guys
  4. Ponder menu
  5. Order a double cheeseburger with bacon
  6. Decide that you are not hungry
  7. Give the burger to Josh
  8. See Josh's list: List
  9. CH 101 B+
    CH 102 A+
    USC 100 B
    E 115 S